Happy Holidays SmartPip’ers / Forex’ers

by FXChris December 24, 2012

Just want to wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. It’s been a profitable but tricky year for FX trading, had to take the money when it was there on most pairs else watch it evaporate, except for the yens which have been doing great the last few months according to […]

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Free Sample – Full re-broadcast of Today’s Forex Trade Plans

by FXChris November 28, 2012

Are you curious what we do in our trade room? My trade plans for today & full re-broadcast of our 2 hour Pre-London session today (no password) Also, here are today’s support/resistance zones. Cheers, FXChris

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SmartPip / FXBootcamp Advanced Room 1 Week Trial Returns

by FXChris June 15, 2012

Hey all, Very liquid and volatile trading lately, I hope you have done as well as we have! You may not want to leave trades open over this weekend with the Greek vote happening Sunday, just not worth the risk. Check bottom of this post regarding Sunday. Most of the SmartPip live room members have […]

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SmartPip Transforms to FXBootcamp Advanced Forex Trading Room

by FXChris June 5, 2012

Yes you read that correctly! It is no secret I was first a member (I learned to traded at FXB!), and later a currency coach at FXBootcamp for nearly 5 years, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there coaching the London session all during that time. I left there in January 2012 to start SmartPip […]

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SmartPip Guest Forex Coaching Schedule

by FXChris May 23, 2012

Hey folks, You may have heard we just started a guest coaching program after the normal class has completed at SmartPip. I just posted a listing of the next 6 weeks worth of guest coaches for the SmartPip Forex trading room. Each coach will be performing 3 consecutive days of one hour classes on topics […]

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SmartPip- Guest Coaches, NY Coaching, Price Changes

by FXChris May 21, 2012

Hello SmartPippers.. Hope everything has been going well for you also during the fairly active trading we have seen lately. I have some cool updates for you here, as well as some important room price/structure change information. First let me tell you about a cool new addition to the SmartPip Forex Trading Room beginning this […]

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7 Day Trial Forex Trading Room

by FXChris April 21, 2012

How’s it going fellow FX traders… I have had quite a few people e-mail me asking for more information on the Live Forex Room here at SmartPip, than what the website describes. Seems some people want to kick the tires a bit before joining to see if it fits what they are looking for, which […]

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Forex Video – Pre-European Review by – April 17, 2012

by FXChris April 17, 2012 As we started our day in Pre-London, we found ourselves already in the middle of an ‘Asian Fade’ back to support after yesterdays strong move in New York. After carefully analyzing the USD Index, along with individual levels of support/resistance on Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Aud/Usd and a few JPY pairs, we determined a high probability […]

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Forex Video – Pre-European Review – March 26, 2012

by FXChris March 26, 2012 Looks like a pretty large Daily head and shoulders forming on the Eur/Usd. Today we found ourselves tired and all over resistance to start the week. Both Asia and London offered a chance to get short. In this video I discuss in detail what made me think short in the first place, how/where we […]

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Forex Video Pre-European Review – March 15, 2012

by FXChris March 15, 2012 Do you like pips right away to start your day? When we opened class today in the Forex trading room we were only minutes away from a potential entry on the Eur/Usd. So we quickly went over the state of the USIndex and Eur/Usd, and got long a higher low based off the plan […]

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