SmartPip Guest Forex Coaching Schedule

by FXChris on May 23, 2012

Hey folks,

You may have heard we just started a guest coaching program after the normal class has completed at SmartPip. I just posted a listing of the next 6 weeks worth of guest coaches for the SmartPip Forex trading room. Each coach will be performing 3 consecutive days of one hour classes on topics varying from technical analysis, live trading, trader psychology, trading bots etc.

You can find the current Forex Guest Coaching Schedule here.

If this is something you wish to see, then all you need to do is stay in the room once my live portion is done daily and shortly after these guest coaches will take the charts and mic for an hour. It is a wonderful opportunity for traders to see many different styles live, and ask questions, over a short period of time.

There is no extra charge for this, it is included with the standard SmartPip membership. Not a member? Follow along if you wish to join the Forex Traders Room.

If you have a desire to coach yourself, all you need do is let me know via the contact form, along with what you plan to talk about. The only requirement is you are a SmartPip trading room member, and that you are willing to let it all hang out for 3 straight days for one hour each. The trading skills benefit you acquire from teaching others is quite dramatic I assure you.


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