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Hi my name is Chris, I have been a Forex trader since 2005, and have been a full time profitable Forex trader since 2006. I excel primarily as a technical trader, with a hint of fundamentals mixed in. Like most traders, I certainly have had my major up and down swings, yet over the years have become an extremely successful trader in the Forex market. In addition to FX trading I was a live trading room coach for nearly 5 years at a major Forex training site during the European/London FX market hours. I also have been privately mentoring traders in a one on one basis and I love it even more than coaching an entire room.

This coaching though I must admit was rather enjoyable in many ways, mostly from the community standpoint. For any Forex trader I am sure has come to realize that as awesome as Forex trading can be, it is also an incredibly lonely endeavor. Here you are sitting at your home computer with a wall of monitors in the middle of the night selling the Australian dollar versus the Euro, meanwhile the quiet can be deafening...sound familiar? There are no friends at work to banter with, no communication really of any kind with the outside world, other than with your mouse and spouse. Nobody to hi-five after a major win, nobody to gripe with after a defeat. No matter how successful you are as a trader it can become quite an enclosed life. Then just try to explain to your non-Forex trading friends what you do and watch as their eyes glaze over, personally I find it difficult to have many non trading friends.

My Forex trading monitor array 3 30" + 5 20"Coaching the Forex trading room in very many ways compensated both for me and the members in the room for this lack of community outside of it. As we were all like minded Forex traders, albeit at different stages of trading, that benefited from that community. 5 years of coaching in a live trading room made me realize how important the trading room community is to keep a trader in check. Having to be accountable to a group every day kept me on my toes personally as well, and thinking more deeply about things than I might have done alone.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well once I was no longer coaching, I noticed a hole in my trading day that I truly did not anticipate would bother me. Yet at the same time I did not really wish to coach during my trading hours again, hey 5 years is a long time... So how could I get the best of both worlds? How could I get back the community part of things which benefits us all yet not give up the actual trading time where I prefer to be zoomed into the market privately, aggressively, and without distraction? After thinking things through I decided to do a few things. First, get the SmartPip forum running in a more lively fashion than before, making it a place for real traders to hang out and pass ideas back and forth etc. Secondly, I have created a live room for traders to see my charts, see each others chat, and hear my voice, where I can do my daily analysis 5 days a week before the markets get moving, and we can talk about it, planning trade idea's together, even trading together when the opportunity arises. Finally, offer some of my personal time to mentor struggling Forex traders in a one-on-one setting.

The live room is not a Forex 'Training' room or site, but rather more for people past the early Forex learning stages that are looking to see how a successful Forex trader starts his day every day, and plan some actionable trade ideas for that day, then follow through those idea's with you all day. Now I personally trade the European and US markets so my day starts before the Frankfurt open. So I will start from scratch and lay the groundwork - build my trade plans for the day from the analysis, and talk about it with the room from Monday-Friday 1am-3am EST (0500-0700 GMT), for 2 hours a day of live classroom time, and then again at 6:30am-7:30am EST (10:30-11:30 GMT) for pre-New York setups.

If you are a completely brand new trader though I do not recommend you join us here 'yet', there will not be any 'Teaching Forex 101' going on here, although there will be plenty of more advanced content you certainly could learn from. Instead you should get some basic Forex training which is available all over the internet. Two sources I would recommend personally as high quality sites are (free site) and (paid site), but these are by no means the only places to learn. If after you have the basics out of the way and just want to sort of plan your day with me, and take it to the next level, then by all means join us.

So if you are looking for a pre-market planning/trade setup room, private one-on-one Forex coaching / mentoring, or just a Forex forum to hang out with other traders, I look forward to seeing you around, and I wish you all the best!

Christian Stephens - Forex Profiteer

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