On the Fly Live Forex Lesson Locker

Sometimes the markets present us with a perfect opportunity of having time to kill and reminding us of a situation worth doing a lesson on. What a perfect time to have a live Forex Trading Lesson in the SmartPip room.

Some of these moments I was smart enough to hit the record button on. On this page I will add these lessons as they happen live for public consumption, for paid or free member review, even if you are just starting these are important Forex lessons for beginners, better to do things right from the start. This page will house them all, but the blog will have each video with comments should you wish to discuss it or ask questions, as well as the forum. As for the content, please be aware I can sometimes be a bit of a smart a$$ but, well, that's just who I am.


Forex Lessons Video - Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 - The Importance of Planning Profit Targets

Forex Lessons Video - Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 - Mental State & Trading with Emotion


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