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First off please let me preface this by telling you this Forex room is different than most you might be familiar with, it is geared to help you through to the next level, not to introduce you to Forex. Everyone is at varying stages in their trading evolution, 3-6 months would be my guess as to when most people will get what they need out of the SmartPip room, all depending on the person of course. We also offer a lower cost 7 day trial if you wish to be a fly on the wall before stepping completely into the water. There are some testimonials at the bottom of this page. Beyond that, please read more below to understand everything about our Forex room.

Ok what is this live Forex trading room all about you ask? Well first off we will be analyzing, talking over, and setting up the daily trade plans in great detail with each other, as well as discussing the how's and why's. Having this daily session will certainly help many of you improve your own trading which is a fantastic thing , and it's a great opportunity to bounce trading idea's off other members for input. As for me I missed the community in the live trading room and wanted to fill that daily void for me as a trader, that's what I get out of it.

My normal trading day begins as I sit in front of the Pip Machine, or PC around 11:45pm-Midnight EST. I do all of my planning for the entire day analyzing a multitude of pairings from this time until around 1:15am. Because by 1:30am EST (05:30 GMT) things start to happen and I often end up in pre-London trades/scalps starting anywhere between 1:20am until 2am Frankfurt open. This followed up of course by the London open and the remainder of the European Forex session, then onto New York after. ---> Join the Live Forex Trading Room

Forex Live Planning RoomAfter coaching a live Forex trading room for just about 5 years all through the London session, and actually beginning right at the London open, I no longer wish to do this again. I cannot tell you how many trades I missed or fumbled over trying to take over the room exactly when the open volatility began. Then I noticed how often I had people asking me (including my private mentor students) to show them what I do to start my day as a trader in relation to analysis, correlation, bias creation etc. Followed up by my private Forex students consistently having the same issue when they first started out, incomplete trade plans or an entire lack of one at all. How can you trade long term profitably without proper trade planning? Well, you can't, and if you think you can, have fun with that. In addition to this I tend to find novice traders that do actually plan, do not know quite what it means to have a solid plan for the Entire day (not just the next 2 hours), and to live or die by that plan.

So with that in mind I decided to start a live Forex trading room During my start of day, every day, right up into when the money flow begins at the London open, and then chatting with people all through the trading day and into New York, helping keep people on plan. Then taking the mic again in the pre-New York morning to re-assess where our plans have gone and what to expect next in New York. So when you log in you will see my charts, hear my voice, and be able to chat with anyone else in the room via keyboard publicly or privately. I will do my daily analysis top to bottom with you live and discuss my trade plans for the day and why, as well as answer any questions you may have. Of course I will cover any trade opportunities that may arise during this time, which tends to happen often. Then update the room all the way into New York with updates on the plans, such as stop movement, profit takes, reloads etc. ---> Join Discounted 7 Day Trial - Forex Trading Room

FX Trading RoomThe room will be open, active, and coached by myself live from Monday-Friday 1am-3am EST (0500-0700 GMT), and then again 6:30am-7:30am EST (10:30-11:30 GMT). This way everything is all zipped up before the London open money comes into the marketplace and we can all trade laser focused on our own once our planning together is done, and then we can completely catch up, and set more traps for New York in our pre-New York session. After the London open I will remain in the room throughout most of London trading with you (and some of New York), and commenting (as are other members) about the trades upcoming in relation to our earlier plans or in progress stop movements, partial profit takes etc. If you are looking for a live Forex trading room during the entire active market hours just giving you their entries (not your plans), there are more than enough options out there for you, but not here. I want you to learn how to trade yourself not give you trades all night, do you really want to be dependent on someone else's trade plans every day? I didn't think so.

Even though my live coaching will end at the London open, and then pick up/end again right before New York open, the chat room will remain open all through London and early New York trading hours, for all including myself to use. I will not be Giving anyone trades in this room, but I will certainly go over my personal plans for the day in specific detail and cover why, prior to the European / New York open along with updates throughout London / New York regarding entry/exit zones about to hit. What you do with that information is your responsibility. You will also as a room member have total access to the last 30 days of full session re-broadcasts for review, or in case you miss a class.

As an added bonus I have scheduled Guest Coaches to take the screen & mic for three 1 hour sessions between my normal live sessions throughout each week covering a wide variety of topics. It's always great to see how other handle their daily trading, along with taking about their experiences that got them to become a winning trader. Some of these guest coaches are also mentor students I have worked with in the past, and you are able to ask them anything you like.

    So in a nutshell this is a 2 hour Forex pre-market analysis and trade-planning room for pre-London with 1 more hour for pre-New York, with a roughly 8 hour chat room supporting the plans after.

Most people think they will learn the most by watching someone trade live only. While that may help some people, I am here to tell you the money is made in the proper planning and discipline to stick to your plan (the waiting before and after entry). You do not go into battle without knowing which way to aim your weapons do you? If you want help in this area of your Forex trading, then I look forward to seeing you in class!

For further information or to sign-up for the live classroom (we do also offer a 7 day trial) just continue to the signup page, we would love to have you. We are using the omNovia branded chat room which will work on your PC or tablet devices. See you there!

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See what others are saying about the live Forex Trading Room.

Mike C.

Hi Chris,

After several years in your class at FXBC, I actually left about a year ago. Perhaps I just felt it was time to move on. I found your style of trading fit my personality and consider you my mentor during those early years. One other coach was very helpful as well. You have an exceptional ability to articulate exactly what you are seeing and thinking as you do your analysis and execute trades. I connected quite well with your style and process.

Now, I am very excited with the format you have created here at Smartpip. It is perfect for my current interest. I enjoy the extra layer of information that your analysis gives me after doing my initial analysis. Previously, it was a distraction to my personal trading to have ongoing classtime after London open. It is ideal to have that initial analysis followed by yours and others comments in the chat window. It is also an advantage to be in a group that is less focused on the newby trader and questions. You have nailed an excellent format for traders such as myself. I look forward to it continuing.

Thanks getting me on the road to trading success and for providing a valuable new tool to ongoing improvement.

Mike Casey

Paul W. - New Zealand

Smartpip is a site that I use to test my plans against others. It has a membership that is beyond the starting to trade crowd. It provides a platform for seasoned traders to exchange ideas and keep each other company and out of trouble. To get the best out of the interaction its important to do your planning first and not rely on the room to pan for you. The room is best used to help you dispose of bad habits, and Chris is a master of reminding you to plan first and stick to your plan.

(New Zealand)

Russell J. - United Kingdom

Christian Stephens of SmartPip has not just helped me in the local coaching room 'SmartPip' but has also helped me privately with the Psychology of tradng.

SmartPip, is a fantastic place to learn to trade, Chris explains everything very sensible so all can understand and learn to make intelligent trade plans.

Chris is core in the SmartPips coaching rooms is FX (Foreign Currency) but the tools of the trade that Chris teaches can be applied to any markets

I am happy to recommend SmartPip and Christian Stephens as a coach and mentor to help others to learn to trade more intelligently and become one of the community with the rest of us SmartPippers

Russell Jayne
(United Kingdom)


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