Private One on One Forex Coaching

Are you at the stage in your Forex trading where you have hit a wall and cannot make profits to save your life. Maybe your stuck in PBE perpetually break even and after months are still just hovering in break even land (could be worse)? You do well for a couple weeks then always have a blow out day rewinding you back to the starting line then feeling like an idiot? No matter what you are doing you just cannot get yourself to a level of consistent profitability even for a small amount? You may very well resolve many issues like this with a good Forex Mentor.

Please do not think you are alone if any of that seems like you. Full disclosure here... I had some of those times myself and worse. Getting through to the other side took an Enormous amount of dedication, patience, and above all Discipline. Once achieved however, there is no more wonderful a feeling than making your living trading the Forex market! It's just awesome, the ATM machine in your home office.

That's all fine but how does it help you. Well after being a Forex mentor for a few people I learned just how much I loved the direct one on one teaching, far more than coaching a large trading room. More than that, is how incredibly awesome it was to see these traders at the end of the mentoring making money rather reliably! Quite fantastic to see the entire learning arc, gotta say I was hooked.

Private Forex Coaching - MentoringSo here is the deal... If you are past the stage of learning Forex 101, and have found whatever methodology/system you are comfortable with, yet you are stuck or needing a push to get you to the next level, then I may be able to help you. I am willing to offer myself as a personal one on one Forex mentor to help advance your trading. My time does not come terribly cheap however, so please be serious with your personal commitment to become a better trader before contacting me. You will have to tell me a little about your trading history/situation first as well though so I can be sure you are at the stage where I can help. I am not going to teach someone one on one from scratch how to trade, you need some battle scars.

If you end up working with me I will be using all of my Forex trading knowledge and abilities to help you improve your trading in our one on one Forex coaching time. You will need to be 100% open and honest regarding the state of your current trading, and full disclosure of your progress during our time together if you wish to have any real chance at success.

My overall hours of availability are very limited as I do not wish to take away from my own trading for mentoring, I do hope you understand. These hours are listed below...

All times listed are in EST (New York Time)
Monday - Friday 1pm-5pm

If the hours you can make it are only Very slightly outside of these times I may be able to work with you, just let me know. All mentoring will be done via Skype one on one, and you will be seeing my screen, and sharing your charts as well. Even though these are the available hours, I wish to keep each M-F session at a 1-2 hours of your choosing, and any it may be possible for a Saturday session by occasional request. These sessions will continue for 30-40 hours (40 is far better), and usually tend to carry over a 2-4 month time frame.

I will only be a Forex mentor for a few people at a time, and no guarantee's I will continue to do it in the future. If you feel you are in need of this coaching then please continue on to submit a Private Coaching Request to start the process. If you just want some basic questions answered first though, then please just go ahead and contact me here, I will get back to you as soon as able.