Forex Video Pre-European Review – March 15, 2012

by FXChris March 15, 2012 Do you like pips right away to start your day? When we opened class today in the Forex trading room we were only minutes away from a potential entry on the Eur/Usd. So we quickly went over the state of the USIndex and Eur/Usd, and got long a higher low based off the plan […]

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Forex Video – Pre-European Review – March 13, 2012

by FXChris March 13, 2012

As we arrived into pre-London today we found ourselves coming off resistance on the EUR/USD, EUR/GBP as well as some other pairs, which correlated perfectly with what the USDX was showing. While longer term charts were crystal clear on directional intent, the shorter term ones today were a bit conflicting. So we put together a […]

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Forex Video – Pre-European Review by – February 16, 2012

by FXChris February 16, 2012

This entire week we have spent working our way back to the bottom of the recent consolidation range on the Eur/Usd. It has been 100+ pips every day as long as you waited for the right moment to take your shot. Today however, we open our day well extended from the previous day (we extended […]

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Eur/Usd testing the boundaries

by FXChris February 15, 2012

Eur/Usd has now reached the bottom of it’s fractal longer term range, if it busts here (here being 1.3060 zone) then it should have no issue dropping 80-100 pips to the next level. Otherwise this will likely be where she bounces from today… By weeks end and into early next week though things are looking […]

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