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by FXChris on February 19, 2012

Hi all, I just finished cleaning up, simplifying, and changing some social networking links as not everyone that keeps in touch with me wants SmartPip info and vice versa... Essentially I have created a SmartPip only FB & Twitter for those seeking only Forex updates relating to the website.

The old Facebook page I used for SmartPip was created improperly and cause me headaches. Also I wish to have a public active Facebook page for SmartPip that is not also connected to all my personal family stuff you know. I will still update my personal FB also but no longer publicly putting it out there, but please everyone hook-up to our new Facebook page. All blog postings and site updates will show up here at our site, the new Facebook page, and on our Twitter. All links open in a new window/tab.

New Facebook Page –
( post & related updates only)

New Twitter Page @SmartPip –
( posts & related tweets only)

I also maintain a personal Twitter Page where ALL Forex updates as well as personal Forex tweets throughout the day will show up that is below, this Twitter will still be updated very regularly but does contain some non SmartPip trading related tweets from time to time.

FXChris Twitter Page @FXChris –
(All tweets + personal forex manual tweets)

Feel free to subscribe to any or all of them, your choice, or even just the RSS on the site. However, please stop using the older SmartPip Facebook page I will delete that soon. The button links to our FB, Twitter, Youtube, RSS, Linked In, etc. on our site will be kept accurate.

Happy Pipping!


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