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Trading as FullTime Profession?

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3:23 am
July 30, 2013



posts 27

From your post, it sounds like you might be under estimating what is involved. I don't know anyone who starts with Forex, Options and Stocks. They are each different, requiring different skills sets and knowledge.

My suggestion would be to start with stocks. Forex is "sexy" and you'll hear a lot about 24 hour markets, etc. It's tough place to make money, though. Much of what you learn from trading stocks will apply to Forex.

Options are complex and will require a good deal of time and effort to understand. I trade options routinely, and can tell you that I lost money consistently when I first started with them. It was not until I had a solid understand of what options were, how they worked, and how to manage them that I was able to pare my losses and get profitable.

Now, if you want to trade full-time you will need sufficient capital for trading. You will experience losses, so you need enough money to cover expected draw downs and still leave you adequately capitalized to continue trading unimpeded. The net between your profits and losses need to be sufficient to pay your overhead and living expenses, plus grow your account. 

I was also confused by your post because you opened by saying that you want to choose trading as your profession. You later tell us that you actually want to be anentrepreneur. Which is it? Full time trader or entrepreneur?

I suppose you can be both, but if you do honestly want to trade full-time you really need to dedicate yourself to it. It's sort of like someone saying "I want to be a full-time surgeon, but I actually want to be an entrepreneur…" You're going to spend a lot of time in school and training to be a surgeon. The same is true with trading, except your "school" will be less formal. Nonetheless, you have a great deal to learn and you will struggle in the market until you do learn the important lessons. If you are only partially committed, you would be better off doing something else and save yourself the frustration.

Trading can be a fantastic skill once properly developed. Take the time to learn the fundamentals properly, focus on one market for starters, and keep an eye on your risk.

Good luck

2:31 am
October 14, 2013

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posts 3

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3:50 pm
August 17, 2014

Muhammad Perkins


posts 39

Taking Forex as a full time job/work can be very difficult to manage especially with tough situations rarely we are able to control our emotions so thats why its important that we don't look too far instead just continue doing our regular work and results will come but also we need a good broker who don't cheat like Freshforex than only we truely succeed.

1:50 am
August 23, 2014

Jamal Mia


posts 42

Forex trading is the most flexible business platform in today's world. So that we traders can take this business platform as however we want. From students to house wives anyone can take Forex as their business. Some traders do trading here as part time business and some are trading as full time. With OctaFx broker, I do regularly trade as full time trader and making enough profits around the month.

6:14 pm
August 23, 2014

Muhammad Perkins


posts 39

Taking Forex as a fulltime work/profession is very challenging task and it should not be done unless we are satisfied with our results and consistency as Forex is a kind of business which looks great from outside and we start believing many things but doing it really tell us that its not as easy as it looks.

4:08 am
August 27, 2014

Jamal Mia


posts 42

Full time professional traders have enough time to analyze market movements; they can follow the market trends properly. Therefore I love to trade with OctaFx broker as full time trader. Though I do not make huge profits, but consistently I am making handsome amount around the month. EURUSD and GOLD are the most profitable trading pair and stock for me.

5:47 pm
August 28, 2014

Muhammad Perkins


posts 39

Trading itself is a tough business so to succeed temporary requires lots of skills and hard work so maintaining it through the whole career or as a full time professional job is bit asking too much only few traders are capable of pulling it off and newbie certainly cant do it.

12:21 pm
September 28, 2014

James Pursel


posts 8

To create a Successful trading strategy, obviously a trader must have enough experiences. Therefore, I am not that much technically skilled so I managed to buy 'Holy Grail Golden Eagle' strategy that provides 'Accurate Trading Signals' and works in any market conditions. This effective strategy is giving me 100% win rate. When I bought this, it was so easy to implement. It works as indicator and shows me Signals, but never places any trade automatically. I always prefer Manual trading so this strategy is just Perfect and Profitable for me.

9:16 am
October 3, 2014

Amanda Smith


posts 20

Yeah, Forex is now my Full time Profession. I had lost huge trading balance, I performed with so many scam brokers but now I am Experienced enough and I know which is Best for me. I started performing trading as a full time trade with CommexFX broker because this is the Best Forex Broker Ever. CommexFX is a fully regulated award-winning STP/ECN Forex Broker with an excellent reputation that ensures Highly Protected Trading Environment for all traders.


6:10 pm
October 6, 2014

mr walner


posts 14

It is a big choice to pick Forex as full time profession since we have to look at many things and only then we are able to judge if we are capable or not and also it is important that we choose the correct broker which can stay with us for lifetime. I would always select OctaFX as just in space of 3/4 years of their service they have already won 8 awards including the best broker in various countries like Asia, Europe and others. They also have the no restrictions at all to any style whether it is scalping, hedging, news trading or EAs.

12:00 pm
October 15, 2014

Amanda Smith


posts 20

Yeah, I have been trading in Forex as a Full time professional trader. I do follow my own Strategies and perform analysis by myself. As an experienced trader, I know exactly when I should take position in trading.


As well I believe this wouldn't be possible if I didn't get a Best Forex Trading Platform like CommexFX. They simply provide traders with an excellent trader experience in terms of security, features, user-friendliness, tools, and education.


6:43 am
November 24, 2014

Crystal Evans


posts 6

Full time profession is not necessary with forex, it works one or two best time frames with moderate market moves with them all through the week, best can be a weekly or monthly trading.But scalping is the honey for the forex bees, if over drinks there would be lost in the honey itself.

Explosive Forex

Just look at how Easy it is to use this Software and trading System

7:41 pm
December 7, 2014

Andrews Mentro


posts 126

It is a wonderful idea trading full time basis but only if we have got proper skills. I am not yet professional so I do a job along-side trading, but the time when I start making consistent profits I will make it my primary work. I am lucky that so far my journey has been very smooth all because of OctaFX and their awesome facilities. They allow us to trade with using their own analysis system which is very accurate and also charges no fees for deposit or withdrawal, both are instant as well.

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