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Forex Risk & Profit Management Planning Spreadsheet


4:25 pm
March 8, 2012


South Florida, USA


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Post edited 4:31 pm – March 8, 2012 by FXChris

Tired of constantly flip flopping in your money management approach?  Try this spreadsheet I put together, it will help keep you on your pre-determined path. Keeping risk at bay when Forex trading should always be your first priority. This will help you plan an entire year of risk and profit management structure.

Attached is an excel spreadsheet I created for one full year of Forex trading activity, it can be viewed/edited in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.  It allows you to plan ahead for a realistic average daily pip total, adjusting your margin to an acceptable level, and generally keeping track of how much +/- from your plan you are as time goes on. I am by no means all that good at making spreadsheets, if you tweak a better version feel free to upload it.

It is pre-populated with a few weeks of fake data to give you an idea how to fill it out.


Everything from H column to the left is your planning, everything right of H is your actual progress in comparison to your plan for the year.

Input Variables-
J-4 = Set starting date, I recommend a Monday since everything is broken down in 5 day chunks.
H-4 = Set your starting capital which by default is $2000
H-5 = Not a variable but enter here the amount of margin you intend to trade (ex. $2k at 5x Capital = 1 mini lot or 1k lot size)
H-7 = Your average daily pip goal (be realistic with this figure) it is defaulted at 50 pips avg per day.
C-7 = By default this is =SUM(B7*0.0005) The 5 is 5x margin or 5-1, as in the above example.  You may change this to .0003 for 3-1 or .0010 for 10-1, whatever you like.  Changing this will need to be done for whatever days you wish to change, maybe you wish to lower the margin in your planning section as your profit has increased, but in the default it is 5-1 for the entire year.
K-7 & below K's = The actual lot size you traded that day as your base, example @ 5-1 with $2000 start you put 1 here for 1 mini lot, or .6 for 3-1 etc.  It is very important every day as you re-calculate this value and type that valu in for that day based on your ongoing balance.  It needs to be lowered when you lose just as it increases as you gain.
L-7 & below L's = The actual amount of money you made/lost for the day, to the penny. Enter this at the end of every trading day.
G-12, G-18, etc = Every G between weeks is where you would enter withdraw or adding funds plans etc.

Non-Input variables-
B column is representing the planned starting balances for each day starting with your initial balance entry
C column is representing your planned lot size increase coinciding with the increasing starting balance
E column is the projected monetary gain based on your average daily pip goal from H7
J column is your running balance after end of day
K column is your actual lot size increases/decreases per day (which you should always stay constant in relation to your money in account and pre-determined margin/risk)
L column money made/lost for day
M column running balance
N column average pips for That day based on your money made and lot size for that day.
O column tells you how you are doing in relation to your daily average pip goal +/1
P column tells you how much +/- you are in Pip terms from your planned average weekly
Q column is an ongoing Pip +/- overall of how you are in relation to your plan at that point in time.

I think I have covered everything please let me know if you have any questions.

I have pre-filled out 1 month's worth of example trading days to give you an idea, as well as a -$1000 withdraw at G-42.  be sure to clear these figures before you begin your own plan.

Stick to this and you might just be amazed how quickly you can grow your account if you stay disciplined in your approach, even when you lose.




FXChris Cool


4:31 pm
March 8, 2012




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Where is the file? I don't see itCry


4:32 pm
March 8, 2012




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aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok it's there sorry!Confused


2:59 am
March 9, 2012

Kestas Fx



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Great stuff, thanks Chris Smile

Kestas Fx – Let's get serious about "this stuff".

6:31 am
April 30, 2012

jayln khon


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Nice post! The information provided by you related to planning spread sheets is really good. Thanks for sharing .

6:35 am
September 15, 2012

Mohammad Enamul Huq

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It is very important for us to make balance between risk and profit amount. it is easy and very difficult.We have to be sincere about it .If you can decrease loss in the forex business and then you can get profit sufficient…..

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