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Does any one know that how we can get rich with stock trading market?

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7:38 pm
August 2, 2013



posts 27

I made my first trade when I was 17 years old. I made a lot of money. I turned 20 dollars into 80 in the course of my senior year in highschool. I was hooked. I needed to know everything I could find out about investing. I retired at 45. I'll be 47 in october. Its not as hard as you think. You need just 2 things. a regular investment, for one. In other words you put money away every payday. Doesn't matter how much. Just make it a habbit and do it. I started with a lousy 10 bucks a payday so 40 dollars a month. Later when I was better off I was doing 200 a month. Then my investments got big enough and the dividends got big enough that my investments were putting in more money each month than I was. Then one day I noticed my investments were earning more per month than I was. So I retired at 45.

The second thing you need is education. If all you have is 20 dollars, you don't need a lot of education because there is not much you can do with it. As your nest egg grows so will your knowledge base. Other wise your nest egg will shrink. The fool and his money are soon parted. 

So all you need are two things, regular instalment of cash, and education. Get some books do some studying.

The third thing I didn't mention because most people don't have the patience for it. Paper trading. You learn a new thing and then you trade "on paper" not for real. This is practice. If you can't make money paper trading, don't do the same thing for real. So when you learn a new thing paper trade to practice what you have learned. Don't use real money till you know you can do it successfully. Nothing worse than a green horn who thinks he has the world by the tail today. Come the next day he will be broke and starting over. I should know, I've started over many many times. It was not till after I learned to disiplin my self to paper trade first that I truly became successful. As result I have learned that I'm fair with options, good at stock screening, I can really pick them but I can't time them very well even now. I totally suck at forex trading. So what I learned about my self taught me that I needed to stay away from forex. I lost millions in paper trades figuring that out. I can pick good stocks but have trouble timing them. So my style had to be adjusted. I pick the stock and then wait long term. In as much as I'm fair with options, I write covered calls against my stock holdings and that gives me an added boost with which to accumulate more while I wait for the stock to climb. Sometimes I have to wait a while because like I said I suck at timing. So if I pick a good one and have to wait a year for the rest of the world to notice its a good one, I have a year of options pemiums I have used to by more stock thus leveraging my posistion with money I would not otherwise have. Also as a good stock picker I can also pick the bum's. When I find a particular nasty bum I buy a stack of puts on it and this has been most profitable to me. I have made more thousands than I can count doing this. So after I learned what I was good at thats what I did. 

In review…study, learn, practice. When you know what your good at exploit your talent. Put away a little money every payday. And that in a nut shell is how it is done. Programs that people sell you suck. You are far better off making your own just like I did.

9:32 am
August 15, 2014

Jamal Mia


posts 42

Of course we can get Rich with Stock market so easily. The Joint Venture Group offers clients a managed account where their Pro traders will trade on the behalf of client's. They always assure to bring 87% profits returns every day.

2:12 pm
August 16, 2014

Muhammad Perkins


posts 39

Its really great and inspiring story and ideal for a newbie to read and thats not just with Stock Exchange but its with also Forex trading market infact with any business thats the thing we have to do. One thing that i don't agree is that 20$ is not enough i feel its totally enough if we make good plans and method and sensible approach.

2:46 pm
September 26, 2014

mr walner


posts 14

These are the kind of stories that are good while reading but with reality it is far too difficult. I always stick to reality and business that has proven successful workers like Forex. I prefer doing Forex trading with OctaFX as they can surely help me get rich with great incredible features like 15 USD rebate per 1 market size lot, 0.2 spread, no quotes and best of all 50% bonus on each deposit.

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